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Rural water supply and sanitation

Rural water supply and environmental sanitation project

Mott MacDonald, engaged as the Support Agency (SA) for capacity building and awareness campaigns for World Bank, assisted the Karnataka Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project to deliver sustainable health and hygiene benefits to the rural population through improvements in water supply and sanitation services.

As a part of design phase of the rural water supply and sanitation projects in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab and Uttaranchal, Mott MacDonald prepared the economic analysis of the projects.

Rural water supply and environmental sanitation project in four states

National Ganga river basin project

Mott MacDonald undertook rapid social assessment of national Ganga river basin project helping to transform community practices to non polluting activities and assisted in the preparation of 'social intermediation and outreach strategy' for three sub projects so that there is broad acceptance and successful implementation of the project with active involvement of communities and other key stakeholders.

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